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Self Defense

People often look to start martial arts training in order to learn to protect themselves from physical violence.  Here at Mindfulness in Motion we teach Kung Fu with self protection as one of our primary purposes.  Training with us will assist you to develop the tools that can assist you to stay safe.  Self defense training is far more than simply learning a few moves to hurt another person.  Training needs to look at awareness, attitude and ability as well as what we can do if we find ourselves in the unfortunate situation of needing to physically protect ourselves from others.

Our Kung Fu training looks at these various elements from day one and can assist you to develop tools for self protection, but our training goes beyond just self defense and can become a tool of self empowerment. 


Stated simply, training must contain preparation for both the receiving and giving of significant violence, but it must not be limited to this; fixation upon the application of violence can, ultimately, be bad for our mental health.

"The opponent moves first, I arrive first"

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