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Guy Rhynsburger


Guy has been studying kung fu since 1996 and teaching since 2000. He tried a few styles before starting Liin Waan Sarm Sao kung fu training in Melbourne in 1998 and later travelling to Brisbane to receive his black belt from Sifu Tony Conley. He taught that art and then the related Hok Se Tong Long style in Melbourne for many years, before meeting Sifu Jimmy Heow in 2007. Guy began training in WJILC in 2010 and was awarded his Advanced Instructor Level 7 certification in 2016. In addition to his thousands of hours teaching and training Kung Fu, Guy has been working with children teaching Life Skills with the Martial Arts Therapy (MAT) program since 2004.

Lynton Rance


Lynton is a Level 6-certified Wuji I Liq Chuan instructor and has studied under Sifu Jimmy Heow since 2010. He has more than 15 years of teaching experience after beginning his kung fu training in 2000. Prior to taking up Wuji I Liq Chuan, Lynton earned a black belt in the Hok Se Tong Long system in 2005 and also studied Yang-style tai chi for about nine years. Lynton also dabbles in silat and yoga when he can find the time.  

Alan James


Alan is a disciple student of Grandmaster Jimmy Heow.  He has been training in WJILC since 2010.  Prior to training in WJILC Alan has trained many years in Hok Se Tong Long kung fu as well as boxing and judo as a junior.  Alan has over a decade of experience in the facilitation and delivery of martial arts based programs

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