Kids Kung Fu

Here at Mindfulness in Motion our Kids Kung Fu programs are designed to assist children to develop their potential.  Our training is based on the Martial Arts Therapy code:
  • Be Strong
  • Be Calm
  • Be Kind
  • Try Hard
Mindfulness in Motion has two children's age groups, with different focuses and teaching styles for each.  We limit our classes to an absolute maximum of 18 participants to ensure each child has the space to develop.
Grasshoppers (5-9 yo) 
Mantis (10-14 yo)


Guy Rhynsburger:  Guy is the owner and senior instructor at Mindfulness in Motion.  He has been delivering Martial Arts based life skills programs to children for more than a decade in many varied settings.  He began a dedicated kids program in 2015  drawing on his wealth of experience in both martial arts and working with children.  Guy has been training in Chinese martial arts (Kung Fu, Tai Chi) for well over 20 years.  

Evan Dowling:  Martial arts have been part of a life-long journey for Evan who started his training at age 10.  Inspired to give back, Evan has been seeking to help others through martial arts, teaching children for several years now.  Evan blends his wealth of experience with a thoroughly therapeutic approach to facilitate change and growth in his students.