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About mindfulness in motion

Mindfulness in Motion is a traditional Kung Fu school that opened in Preston in 2015. The head instructor, Guy Rhynsburger, has been practicing and teaching Kung Fu since the mid-1990s. At MiM, we focus on the authentic practice of Kung Fu and its underlying principles of physical and mental well-being, rather than gradings. We teach the Wu Kit Yi Lik Ken Kung Fu system of Grandmaster Jimmy Heow, which combines understanding of the body and mind to harmonize movements and direct power as needed, and to blend with an opponent to appear insubstantial. Our training can be confrontational at times, but we prioritize the safety of our students.


Our adult classes are divided into two streams: Monday and Wednesday evening classes focus on pad work, fitness, and the underlying principles of movement for Kung Fu, while our other adult classes (excluding Sanda) focus on the well-being aspects of Kung Fu, including Qigong and fluid movement.


Our kids programs prioritize personal development before teaching martial skills, and our Grasshoppers (ages 5-9) and Mantis (ages 10-14) classes blend skill development in various areas, including growth mindset, grit, and healthier self-talk, with martial skills. Kung Fu is more than just a martial art and at MiM, we strive to find the balance between its practical application and its benefits for well-being.


"At first the student learns not to fight them self, then learns not to fight the opponent and then not to fight at all"

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