Kung Fu

Kung Fu is the generic term used in the west to describe Chinese martial arts.  However, the term Kung Fu actually does not mean martial arts at all.  The literal translation of Kung Fu is "good skill through hard work". At Mindfulness in Motion we teach our Kung Fu with this meaning in mind.

Legend has it that Kung Fu arrived in China by way of the Indian monk Da Mo around the year 500 CE.  It is said that he attended the famous Shaolin temple where he found that the monks were not up to the rigours of meditation as their bodies were too weak.  He is said to have come up with a series of movements called the 18 Lohan.  This practice blended movement and breath to assist the monks with their meditation.

In our modern world Kung Fu is practiced for a variety of reasons.  Here at Mindfulness in Motion we teach the I Liq Chuan system of Kung Fu as handed down by Grandmaster Jimmy Heow.  This line of Kung Fu has its origins through the Hakka people of China.

Our training covers a wide range of areas that are difficult to teach though one generalist class structure.  As a result we have separated the system into various categories so that students can focus on the elements of the art that they are most interested in. Whether you are looking for traditional Kung Fu training, self defense, fitness, push hands or tai chi & qigong we have class for you.  Understanding the entirety of the art is a lifelong journey of self discovery and mastery.  We hope that you can find a suitable starting point on this journey with us.

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