Learn Kung Fu in Melbourne

Here at Mindfulness In Motion we teach Chinese Martial arts (Kung Fu) in a wholistic manner. We run classes that cater to a variety of different goals and outcomes, for both adults and children. Whether you are looking to train to develop practical self-defence skills, fitness, movement or mental wellbeing we offer a range of classes and tailored personal training to suit your needs. 


Our Martial arts and Qigong classes are conveniently located in Preston near the border with Thornbury. 


Our training environment is calm, focused and fun, with many students commenting on the pleasant absence of competitive personalities and the presence of mutual support, co-operation and growth.  Many of our classes cater for entry level students who are looking to explore Kung Fu for the first time, as well as classes suited to those with more experience who are looking to deepen their knowledge of martial arts.

Students will develop:

·        increased mind/body connection

·        improved fitness

·        a calmer mind

·        improved confidence

·        an understanding of efficient body use

·        martial skill

·        awareness

"Train your art every moment of the day"